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digital menu

We connect your guests directly to your menu no matter where they are. By Tapping an NFC chip or scanning the QR code at their table, or by visiting your restaurant page at Fooreco Platform guests can view the full menu on their phone

Digital Menu comes with many features to allow your guests to engage with your menu. Show them menu item photos, ingredients and dietary tags.

Use time based items and menu feature to show your daily specials and happy hour menus or set item to be available only at certain days.

Menu translation feature allow guests to translate item descriptions to other language without any configuration on your side.

Our user-friendly admin portal allows you to do live updates to your menus at anytime.

Save costs on printing menus and use our digital menu solution for free.



ordering and payments

With all the features of contactless digital menu, on-premise ordering and payments feature allow guests to view your menu, add items to their order and securely pay right on their own device in seconds.

Each table or area is uniquely identified within the system to handle incoming orders easily.

Accept all type of payments such as Apple pay, Google pay and credit cards. All payments get deposited directly into your bank account.

Fooreco analytics gives you insights on your customers and item sales so you can make more informative decisions.

No app download, no terminal required

Pre-Order and takeout orders

Use signs and virtual kiosks to receive orders for takeout.


Don’t allow your cashier to be the bottleneck. Avoid long lineups and allow your guests to place their orders while you run your kitchen at full capacity. 

Guests will be notified by text once their order is ready. Our system will record customer phone number as part of the ordering process and  we will automatically notify them when your kitchen has prepared the order.

Also online pre-ordering system allows guest to place orders ahead of time. 

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run your own Delivery

Fooreco brings you with all the tools for running your own delivery service. 

Allow customers to place delivery orders for now or later.

Set delivery fees based on the distance or order amount or combination of both. Our system automatically calculates the driving distance to your customers.

You can also set the delivery zones to charge based on different zones and only receive orders within the area you do deliveries.

We notify the customer on their order status when their order is received and confirmed by you as well as when it handed to your delivery staff so they now that their order is on the way.



contact tracer

Help protect your staff, guests and your community with our contact tracing feature.


Contactless check-in allows guests to scan a QR code and fill out the contact form on their ​phone.

Their data will be securely logged in your restaurant's portal and you can easily view or generate reports of guest logs.

It is Free ! Sign up today and help keep everyone safe. 

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Suitable for

all type of venues

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