end to end


dining experience


Place the QR code on the tables 

Scan the code using the phone camera

browse the menu and add items to the order

Pay using apple/google pay or credit cards

Kitchen will receive the order and prepare it 

Server will bring the food to the table

How does it work?

Watch the video


Guest side



digital menu

The menu is the core of the contactless dining experience.


It is more than just your menu! It changes how guests interact with the menu.


Digital menu allows guests to see the item photos, dietary tags, nutrition or ingredients.


It gives them the ability to search for keywords or use filters to find your wonderful dishes that matches their taste. It even allows them to translate the menu to other languages.

Set the time-based menu and items and we take care of showing the right items at the right time.

dietary tag +






search +


flexible options

Each of the items might have different options such as different size or side. Some items might  have addons.

You can set required and optional choices for each item and guests can select them before adding  them to their orders.

Collect tips

Guests can select the amount they want to tip from a set of pre-configured percentages or they have the option to enter the custom amount.

Since Fooreco removes the wait for ordering and paying the checks, guests who order and pay with Fooreco consistently leave tips that are higher, or equal to those left through other payment methods.


table IDs

Each table has a unique ID which is embedded in the NFC chip and/or the QR code and NFC chip.

When guests place order using Fooreco, your kitchen and servers know exactly where and who placed that order.

accept payments

Allow guests to pay conveniently using Apple pay, Google pay or credit cards using a secure payment processor. 

We do not store any credit card information in our end.

You set your bank account as part of your restaurant setup in Fooreco platform and you will receive money  from payments directly in your bank account

get instructions

for each item

Allow guests to put special instructions for  each item.


This allows them to make modifications to their food that are not specified in the options section of the food.

email the receipt

If users are  registered with Fooreco platform they will receive their receipts automatically by email.

For guest users, they have the option to enter their email address at the end of their order to get a copy of their receipt by email.


Restaurant side


Mobile app for

Restaurant operations

Fooreco provides a mobile app that can be installed on any Android or Apple tablets.

Multiple tablets can be used and staff can use them to receive the orders and complete them as it get served to the guests.

All necessary tasks for operations can be performed  easily on the tablet.

Simply create different roles such as manager, cashier and so forth.

Each role has a set of permissions that allow staff to perform certain actions within the app. 

Orders can be canceled only by manager roles in the app. 

Manager name and reason for cancellation will be captured for auditing purposes.

Menu Items can be set to unavailable right from the tablet.

This will prevent guests from ordering items that are sold out or unavailable for now.

staff roles

void orders

menu management

go contactless in 3 days

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