Run your own Takeout and Delivery


Online Ordering Drives More Revenue

There’s a reason why guests love ordering online. Without feeling pressure to wrap up their order, customers are more inclined to explore all of the menu options, and they even end up spending more than they would when ordering over the phone or in person. Digital orders are 23% larger, on average, than non-digital orders. 

With no line behind them, the pressure for your guests to make speedy orders is gone, and they'll be more inclined to get that extra menu item.

It’s Just One Click Away

Today, more than ever, people can easily order online thanks to the smartphones and tablets. Studies conducted by the Interactive Advertising Bureau show that about 69% of customers order food online using a mobile device

Whether on a break, stuck in traffic, or riding the bus, virtually anyone will place an order quickly and painlessly.

In fact, this is a better, and highly desirable alternative to waiting until getting home and placing the order over the phone.

Orders Are More Accurate

In any restaurant, misunderstandings happen, whether an order is being taken over the phone or in person. This can lead to wasted food, and even more importantly, frustrated customers who might not come back.

With online orders, the customer has greater control, making everything about their order crystal clear — everything’s in writing so there's no real chance for mix-ups. For guests with allergies or dietary restrictions, this is especially important.

Stop paying high commission to third parties

While third-party integrations are a great option for restaurants striving to maximize the number of orders, they’re not ideal for your bottom line.

Our goal is helping you running your own online takeout and delivery service and not worry about commission. You do all the work! Why pay high commission to others?

Foroeco allows you to take unlimited orders from customers commission-free.


Multiple Order Types

Provide the ultimate convenience to your customers by offering different order types. You can set your online store to accept Pickup, Delivery, and Dine-in. You can even set separate hours and notice times to ensure you always have adequate time to fulfill orders.

Custom Delivery Zones

Allow your customers to see if they’re within the loop! Providing delivery has never been easier. Set delivery perimeters with our geo-fencing feature, and designate zones with different delivery fees and order minimums. You have complete control over how far you are willing to deliver, down to the street.

From Customers To Your Kitchen

Receiver orders right in your kitchen. Orders come in and you can accept them. Then it goes to kitchen and get prepared. When the order has been delivered or picked up it marks as completed.

Fooreco automatically updates your customers on their order's status based on your workflow.