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Wanna increase the average check size at your restaurant? Keep up with new menu trends!

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Bearing in mind all the hardships that started with the pandemic, it has also offered new opportunities for restaurants to innovate their menus since it is of importance for customers to see new offerings on the menu. Speaking of customer retention, it has been mentioned by Restobiz and Technomic experts that the best practice to fulfill customer satisfaction and expectation during the pandemic is through the diversification of offerings on the menu. In the following, we are going to drop some hints and tips for your restaurant menu empowering you to generate a higher average check size.

With respect to the unprecedented rate of people working remotely from their home, breakfast and coffee orders have seen a drastic surge in 2021 and this trend is expected to soar steadily across Canada.

According to Food-Service Monitor (FSM) data, not only do customers tend to consume beverages in the morning more than any other time of the day but also 80% of orders traffic at breakfast contains some type of beverage. This lends support to the significance of having a beverage offering in your menu, so your restaurant can take advantage of people’s morning habits. Needless to say, coffee is the single most-ordered beverage at breakfast. Last but not least, the breakfast sandwich ranks at the top for the most popular food item ordered at breakfast.

Then it comes to healthy and plant-based options and portions in 2021. The fsSTRATEGY experts believe that appetizers reflect customer's demand for healthier options and consequently more social dining experience. They contend that many restaurants are changing the “appetizer” title on their menu and using shareable instead. Such restaurants experienced an upsurge in the average ticket size of their shareable owing to the value of social dining and group orders.

Nowadays, consumers are more aware of the quality, especially when it comes to meat. They meticulously search for locally raised beef that is preservative- and antibiotic-free. The steroid- and hormone-free claims are other instances that indicate customers are taking notice in this regard. Technomic data proves that keeping up with the latest trends pays off as 7 in 10 customers in Canada endorse that they are more likely to buy or order locally raised and antibiotic-free beef.

Finally, dealing with health-conscious customers has also impacted the order frequency of meal salads and ethnic foods; ethnic foods and meal salads reflect customer's interest in healthier options. Including such options on the menu will lead to higher average checks.

Modernizing your restaurant menu to a digital menu through the Fooreco platform will allow you to change and update your menu in real-time from a web portal. Additionally, our marketing research team will keep you up to date regarding the latest menu trends and help you out respond to the latest trends.

Menu trends are based on restaurant menu data compiled by Technomic Inc.